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Neville Thurlbeck

20 Aug
  1. Our names are Bob and Sue.  Some years ago an attempt was made by Chief Undercover Reporter of the News of the World to uncover our brothel which in fact, never existed.  As there was no story to report, he made one up.  However, suspecting that this person who came in anonimity to our house was up to no good, we secretly videoed him, naked, lying on our massage couch, slagging off his wife.  Our story has been referred to many times on the web by various newspapers, bloggers etc.  Thurlbeck has now been arrested for corruption and phone hacking.
  2. Our story is unique in so far that as far as we are aware, no undercover reporter has ever been caught with their pants down (literally).
  3. The full story of how we ‘outed’ Neville Thurlbeck can now be told.  We have published a book entitled “I made my excuses and stayed” which is available from Amazon.   Please do read it.  The photo below is just one of many showing this twit in his birthday suit.